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Negative Rake Inserts

High productivity milling inserts for efficient material removal Negative vs Positive Rake Angle If the angle between the cutting edge and the machined surface is

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Employee blood donation

The national health service is always short of blood and as a part of our community participation and social responsibility we hold blood donation activities

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HCM Aluminum Changeable Milling Cutter

Lightweight, aluminum changeable milling cutter with fully adjustable inserts for dynamic stability Aluminum Adjustable Milling Cutters for Mirror-Like Finishes High speed, precise, adjustable cutting edges

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mini end mill cutters
Mini End Mill Cutters

Versatile and cost-effective end mill cutters with blade inserts offer an excellent alternative for high throughput production lines Features of Chain Headway AP06 End Mill

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Micron Grade Tool Presetter

A cost effective and flexible presetter that can be accessorized for any type of tooling measurement. Ideal for smaller workshops using CNC machines for precision

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