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chamfering cutter
Chamfering Cutter – SSP

An innovative and cost-effective supplementary blade (indexable insert) chamfering cutter system that enables one tool to cut different materials by selecting appropriate blade profiles. The

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Side Disc Cutter
Side Disc Cutter

Side Disc Cutter Manufacturer We are experts in the design and manufacture of side disc cutters and disc milling cutters with adjustable and replaceable indexable

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Heat Shrink Tooling Heater 4
Heat Shrink Tooling Heater

Heat Shrink Tooling Heater  РInduction or Hot Air For The Small Workshop? Heat-shrink tool holders have become increasingly popular for high speed and high

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PCD Inserts

The best choice for processing non-ferrous metals. Choose us to get mirror surface. Our high precision PCD (polycrystalline diamond) inserts are perfect for non-ferrous metals,

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STH Tapping Holder

Our new highly advanced STH tapping holder series takes tapping to the next level with highly efficient vibration absorption. This feature allows us to save

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