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CNC Cutting Tool Production

Chain Headway are a CNC cutting tool manufacturer focused on design and production of a range of high quality CNC cutting tools designed to provide cost effective solutions for customers. We offer flexible systems for cutting inserts and tools, variable geometries and materials.

We manufacture standard CNC cutting tools for common applications as well as bespoke designs for special applications. This enables us to offer our customers high performance at the best possible cost per unit of production across a wide range of applications.

CNC Cutting Tool
Quality & Inspection

Tool failures can be costly, causing production stoppages and wastage.

As a CNC cutting tool manufacturer it is our mission to provide the highest quality, most reliable tools to our customers. We apply the highest standards to our manufacturing quality and inspection processes to achieve this.

Our state of the art optical and electronic tool inspection systems for CNC cutting tool manufacture use high precision imaging to ensure consistency in accuracy and performance.

Our inspectors verify quality before shipping and are happy to perform additional or alternative quality checks that our customers may require.

CNC Cutting Tool R&D

As a CNC cutting tool manufacturer, we invest significantly in tool research and development for continuous product improvement to meet the specific requirements of our customers and ensure we maintain our status as a world leader in CNC cutting tool manufacture and design.

We design all our tools in-house and have more than two decades of experience that enables us to respond rapidly to customer requests for modifications or new applications. We can also advise customers on the best tooling for their operational requirements and optimize existing designs for specific tasks.