Cutting Tool Applications

Chain Headway has invested in in-house development capabilities for most cutting tool applications. These allow us to cover a range of key industries, such as cutting tools for automotive, aerospace and medical parts machining.

Never Afraid of Facing Challenges

Chain Headway’s capability also allows us to focus on the particular cutting tool application challenges that customers are facing with hard to cut and composite materials capabilities being the largest challenge for many cutting tool manufacturers.

Without our ability to overcome these challenges, the parts machining and advancement of industries using these materials would be unable to develop rapidly.

Cutting Tools for

Aerospace Applications

aerospace cutting tools

Aircraft manufacturers have always been on the cutting edge of new materials which are ever lighter and stronger than before. These materials have challenged the cutting tool industry for decades to provide more and more efficient cutting solutions.

The aerospace industry requirements for cutting tools are even more demanding than those of the aircraft industry. They have a strong focus on composite materials. These composites are very light and strong, designed to withstand high loading whilst being even lighter than the materials used in the aircraft industry.

automotive cutting tools

Cutting Tool Applications

Automotive Applications

Cutting tools for the automotive industry have to deliver outstanding results in many areas. Automotive production is focussed on high volume with automated systems to carefully control unit costs.

Chain Headway high efficiency cutting tools are the key to profitable production. Our carbide tools and other high performance designs deliver exceptional cutting speeds and durability for the lowest production cost per unit to the manufacturer.

Cutting Tools for

Energy Industry Applications

energy sector cutting tools

The massive global growth in the wind energy industry has fuelled a surge in requirements for efficient machining of their parts. Typically energy and wind energy components are very large and expensive with extremely long cutting times.

Chain Headway produces a wide range of high reliability cutting solutions which cover many areas required such as, milling, drilling, turning and threading. Our cutting tools use all of the latest materials technologies to deliver outstanding cutting results for our customers.

cnc cutting tools for medical components

Cutting Tools for

Medical & Small Parts Applications

Developing cutting tools to meet the requirements of the medical device and small parts industries is a constant challenge for cutting tool manufacturers. Medical and small parts components require consistent surface finish and excellent process reliability to achieve the high quality and reliability demanded by their application.

As surgeons and medical device companies are designing more complex geometry solutions using ever more exotic and hard to machine materials, our task is to deliver a range of tools to cover these evolving machining requirements.

Cutting Tools for

Composite Material Machining

cutting tools for composites machining

Composite material machining is no longer only for the aerospace industry. Advanced composite materials such as CRRP and others can be found in medical, sports, defense, and electronics industries as their application benefits become more critical to competitive success in these areas.

These materials are highly abrasive and as such although traditional steel and carbide tools may be cheaper, it is PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped milling cutters and turning tools that are the winners in cost per part due to their excellent cutting efficiency and longer service life. Chain Headway designs and manufactures a range of PCD tipped tools specifically for these applications.