Cutting Tools For Composites Machining

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Cutting & Milling Tools Designed To Combat Abrasion & High Temperatures

Traditional Steel & Carbide Tools Not Suitable Cutting Tools For Composites Machining

The inclusion of carbon, kevlar, glass and thermally insulating materials and compounds make composite materials highly abrasive and increase tool tip heating, wear and breakage. Traditional steel and carbide tools are cheap per unit, but have a very short life as composite material cutting tools.

Our PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped milling cutters and turning tools survive much longer in this harsh application and are more cost effective in price per part manufactured. Chain Headway designs and manufactures a range of PCD tipped tools specifically for these applications and have also designed a tool coated with PVD for cutting very hard composites.

Composite Materials Cutting Tools Are Essential For Modern Manufacturing Processes

Composites are Commonly Used in a Wide Range of Industries Today

cutting tools for composites machining

Composite materials are now commonly used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries because of their light weight, strength, durability and resistance to corrosion and chemicals. The availability of efficient composite materials cutting tools has become key to profitability and success for manufacturers working in the composite materials sector.

The aerospace industry relies heavily on composites and laminates, and composites are also commonly used in medical, sporting and defense industries and in electronics applications. The many advantages of composite materials are critical to competitive success for companies working in these industries.

cutting tools for composites machining

Composite Materials Cutting
TSD Quick Drill

Quick Cutting of Hard Materials

Our TSD Quick drills are specially designed cutting tools for composites machining for materials with a hardness of HRC 53 and higher. Our design uses a PVD composite coating to form a multi-layer film on the tool which increases its hardness by 40% compared to standard coatings.

Thermal resistance is vital in composite materials cutting and most of these materials have poor thermal conductivity and as such temperatures at the tool tip are very high. Our PVD coated tools have excellent temperature resistance and wear resistance to ensure high cutting efficiency durability.

Composite materials cutters also face the challenge of edge chipping due to the high hardness of the materials. Edge chipping causes a degradation in both cutting efficiency and surface finish. Our TSD drill cutting edges are specially treated to resist chipping and prolong tool life whilst cutting challenging composites.

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Composite Materials Machining

We manage the quality of our cutting tools for composites machining right from the raw material stage, through design, manufacturing and then to quality testing and final inspection. Our strict management systems ensure highly stable product quality and excellent performance from every product we ship.

Excellence in Product Management & Inspection

Chain Headway also uses the latest optical and digital inspection technologies for the inspection of all of our advanced cutting tools. This allows us to inspect a higher percentage of tools per batch than other manufacturers, ensuring we can deliver exceptionally stable tool quality to all of our customers.

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