CNC Boring Tools

Our CNC boring tools are 100% designed in house and this design capability is combined with over two decades of application expertise. This allows us to advise you on the best possible tools and inserts to meet your material processing needs.

We pride ourselves on the excellent design and performance of our boring tools. We offer some of the best surface finishes available, even with deep cut depths to reduce cycle times and processing costs. These tools allow you to finish many cuts in a single cycle without the need for fine finishing or any other post machining.

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cnc boring tools

CNC Boring Tools Application Expert

We have a huge range of CNC boring tools and blade inserts to handle most boring requirements. With tools ranging from 3mm up to 200mm diameter there are very few tasks we cannot accomodate. Our boring tools are also highly adjustable depending upon the material and processing needs of your particular application.

Our CNC boring tools range covers fine boring right through to roughing; with adjustments from fine to coarse. Our range of blade inserts for boring tools are also designed to handle a full range of material cutting needs from general steels, through to stainless steel, aluminum alloy and also high hardness and difficult to machine materials.

We also have a special shock absorption system for handling long overhang magnification issues as well as other advanced application functionality. Please check our catalogs or contact a member of our sales staff to find out more about these tools.

Please ask our sales staff for more information on the perfect CNC boring tools for your needs.

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CNC Boring Tool
Inspection & Quality

Our dedicated quality management and inspection team is fully trained and equipped to carry out the detailed analysis of all of our boring tool products. We use all of the latest optical inspection technologies to guarantee our products meet all of the required performance parameters for our customers.

CNC boring tools require slightly different inspection parameters compared to other tools. We ensure measurements are taken at the front, middle and back of the large boring tools to ensure consistent combined quality and accuracy across the cutting surface.

Some customers may require specific inspection regimes, so please contact us and our inspection team will do their best to accommodate your requirements.

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