CNC Tapping Tools

Chain Headway CNC tapping tools for CNC machines are designed in-house for the very best performance and we have a wide range of products to suit the metal processing challenges that our customers face.

We have years of experience in the design and manufacture of tapping tools and are able to advise our customers on the very best tools for their machining needs.

Our tapping tools deliver exceptional performance and tap life and are especially suited to rigid tapping (synchronous feed tapping) and tough tapping requirements where our unique chip removal designs excel.

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cnc tapping tools

CNC Tapping Tools Application Expert

Our CNC chamfering tool selection with in-house designed blades, allows for precision positioning and maximum cutting efficiency. We are also able to accommodate special angle requirements and develop customised tooling solutions for our customers to meet their production challenges.

All of our tools use the same types of blades which makes these interchangeable across a wide range of our tool holders. Thus saving you money and allowing you to maintain a stock of a single blade type for maximum efficiency and cost management.

Please ask our sales staff for more information on the perfect CNC tapping tools for your needs.

CNC Tapping Tools Applications Videos

CNC Tapping & Threading Tool Inspection & Quality

For tapping tool inspection we measure flute profiles, edge profiles and tool geometry amongst other things to ensure that we can deliver the most stable quality tools which will delight our customers. Our dedicated quality inspection laboratory is equipped with the latest optical imaging systems to deliver high precision batch testing of products prior to shipping.

We have a team of highly trained inspection engineers and we are happy to accommodate your special quality testing requirements. Please ask your sales person for more information.

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