Aerospace Cutting Tools For CFRTP GFRP & Alloys

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Milling Cutters for CFRTP GFRP & Alloys

Aerospace Cutting Tools - Milling Heads For Innovative Materials

Aerospace manufacturers use composite laminates that contain highly abrasive reinforcement materials including glass, carbon and kevlar. Traditional standard and carbon steel cutting and milling tools have very short operational lives when machining abrasive composites. Our milling cutters and other aerospace cutting tools for CFRTP GFRP and advanced alloys are designed to provide excellent performance with these advanced materials

Chain Headway offer a range of high performance, durable, long-life aerospace cutting and milling tools featuring our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) coated tips. These are more cost effective than traditional tools due to their long service life when cutting highly abrasive materials.

Our PCD milling and cutting tools reduce machine service intervals and loss of valuable production time and material wastage due to tool changes and breakages caused by failure and wear of traditional tools.

Aerospace Cutting Tools for Lightweight Alloys

High Speed & Precision for Excellent Surface Finish

aerospace cutting tools

The aerospace industry demands the highest quality standards for finished components. Components are designed to be as light as possible with strength assured through perfect conformity to engineered dimensions. Precision cutting of expensive and exotic alloys is essential to reduce wastage and ensure components pass rigorous quality testing.

Rapid and effective chip removal from the working area is a significant factor in meeting the standards required for precision finishes and our HCM milling cutter is an ideal tool for this purpose. Chain Headway applies the most exacting standards in the manufacture of cutting and milling tools to meet the high precision demands of aerospace manufacturers.

aerospace cutting tools
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Aerospace Cutting Tools
HCM Milling Cutter

Versatile Cutting Solution for Multiple Aerospace Materials

Our HCM milling cutter series features special radial and axial dynamic balance adjustments which deliver exceptional surface finish accuracy. This is critical to reducing processing times and delivering the exceptional surface finish required for many aerospace components.

Aerospace cutting tool requirements demand a versatile cutting head such as the HCM Milling cutter which allows changing of the cutting blades to suit various material types whilst maintaining the excellent cutting efficiency and finish which the parts require.

The HCM cutter is also designed to enhance chip removal from the working area. This is vital as chip buildup near the cutting head can degrade surface finish, requiring additional processing time to complete the work piece.

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Aerospace Cutting Tool Production

We manage the quality of our aerospace cutting tools right from the raw material stage, through design, manufacturing and then to quality testing and final inspection. Our strict management systems ensure highly stable product quality and excellent performance from every product we ship.

Excellence in Product Management & Inspection

Chain Headway also uses the latest optical and digital inspection technologies for the inspection of all of our advanced cutting tools. This allows us to inspect a higher percentage of tools per batch than other manufacturers, ensuring we can deliver exceptionally stable tool quality to all of our customers.

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Aerospace Cutting Tools