Automotive Cutting Tools

High Speed, Consistent Automotive Cutting Tools Performance

Cost Reduction Through Quality and Reliability

It is essential for cutting and milling tools for automotive applications to be dependable and low-maintenance. Cost reduction and competitive performance in automotive applications of cutting and milling relies on high volume throughput and automation of processes.

To meet the steady workflow and high output demands of the automotive industry Chain Headway supply cutting and milling tools that are long-lasting and deliver consistent and reliable results without interruptions due to wear and breakages.

Efficient, Durable &
Cost-effective Cutting

Products for Every Possible Automotive Cutting Tools Application

automotive cutting tools

Chain Headway cutting and milling tools are efficient and reliable, and this increases profitability in the automotive industry. We offer a range of products to suit specific automotive industry applications for different types and grades of materials.

Our carbide tools deliver exceptional cutting speeds and durability for the lowest production cost per unit to the manufacturer. We also offer ultra-high performance cutting and milling tools for specialist automotive applications for which carbide blades are not suitable.

automotive cutting tools
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Automotive Cutting Tools
PCBN Blade Inserts

Significant Improvements in Cycle Time Over Carbide Blades

For the automotive industry, efficient component machining is key to maintaining profitability. Parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and brake systems are usually machined from grey cast iron and as such are not suited to the use of cemented carbide blades.

Chain Headway’s PCBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) tools are specially treated to resist edge chipping and typically offer 10-20 times the life of cemented carbide blades in this type of application. This is a massive saving in cycle times and reduces operator intervention requirements significantly. We can adjust the blade profile based on our application experience to ensure it best matches the processing needs for each customer, improving cutting efficiency and tool service life.

For chromium molybdenum alloys or cast iron with a hardness of HRC 45 or more, PCBN tools can also deliver highly efficient processing and are an excellent all round choice for automotive industry cutting tool solutions.

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Automotive Cutting Tool Production

We manage the quality of our automotive cutting tools right from the raw material stage, through design, manufacturing and then to quality testing and final inspection. Our strict management systems ensure highly stable product quality and excellent performance from every product we ship.

Excellence in Product Management & Inspection

Chain Headway also uses the latest optical and digital inspection technologies for the inspection of all of our advanced cutting tools. This allows us to inspect a higher percentage of tools per batch than other manufacturers, ensuring we can deliver exceptionally stable tool quality to all of our customers.

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