CNC Cutting Tools For Medical Components

Cutting Tools for Medical Components Processing

High Quality Finishes Customised to Any Demand

Medical and small parts applications demand consistent surface finishes to the highest quality standards, combined with a need for outstanding process reliability. This is a difficult challenge for cutting tool manufacture, but especially for medical prosthetics and implants. There is no question of being able to supply products that have any imperfections.

Chain Headway offers advanced CNC cutting tools for medical components capable of producing perfect finishes with rapid and effective clearing of the chip buildup that standard tools are unable to achieve. Our specialist tools can achieve the highest quality finishes even when cutting and milling PEEK (Polyether ether ketone), one of the most challenging materials encountered in medical and small parts machining applications.

Milling Tools For
Complex Geometries

Medical components Machining of Complex Geometries

cnc cutting tools for medical components

Advances in surgical techniques, procedures and implants put increasingly heavy demands on cutting and milling processes to create ever more advanced and complex shapes. Surgical components are now routinely manufactured from advanced and exotic materials designed for light weight and high strength.

Chain Headway offers a range of sophisticated and customisable CNC cutting tools for medical components that facilitate cutting and milling with extreme precision and excellent finishes regardless of the geometric complexity of the component.

cnc cutting tools for medical components

CNC Cutting Tools For
Medical Components

PEEK Materials Cutting Solutions

Cutting of advanced materials for medical applications requires specially designed tools. PEEK materials cutting is especially challenging and we have developed a Tungsten carbide drill which has several design features that allow it to efficiently machine this type of advanced material.

When machining advanced plastics like PEEK(Polyether Ether Ketone), chip removal is critical to cutting efficiency as chip buildup will clog the working area and damage surface finish. Our DR tungsten carbide tools have a uniquely designed flute profile and through tip coolant to enhance chip removal and maintain efficient cutting throughout the cycle.

Surface finish and accuracy are vital in CNC cutting tools for medical components and machining times may also be long due to complex geometries. Our DR tools have specially treated cutting edges for durability as well as a special TiAIN(?) coating for wear resistance. We can also customise the cutting edge profile to suit the particular machining requirements for your processing.

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Medical & Small Parts Cutting Tool Production

We manage the quality of our medical and small parts cutting tools right from the raw material stage, through design, manufacturing and then to quality testing and final inspection. Our strict management systems ensure highly stable product quality and excellent performance from every product we ship.

Excellence in Product Management & Inspection

Chain Headway also uses the latest optical and digital inspection technologies for the inspection of all of our advanced cutting tools. This allows us to inspect a higher percentage of tools per batch than other manufacturers, ensuring we can deliver exceptionally stable tool quality to all of our customers.

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