Energy Sector Cutting Tools

Innovative Cutting Tools for Energy Sector Applications

Reliable and Versatile Cutting Solutions for any Task

Chain Headway produces a wide range of high reliability energy sector cutting tools, which address the essential requirements for milling, drilling, turning and threading.

Our focus on innovation and enhanced cutting and milling technology enables us to supply cutting and milling tools that can be customised to meet any of the varied demands found in energy industry applications.

Meeting the Challenges of
Global Growth in Wind Energy

Energy Sector Cutting Tools for Large Components

energy sector cutting tools

The increasing use of wind energy and rapid expansion of the wind energy industry has caused massive demand for high quality cutting and milling of large components. Energy industry applications of milling and cutting tools are also challenged by needing to cut many different materials.

Constant innovation in energy industry applications calls for a wide range of cutting and milling tools.Energy industry components, and particularly wind generators, are large high-cost units and require significantly longer cutting times than are found in most cutting and milling applications. Reliability and consistent performance over extended service periods are essential features of energy sector cutting tools.

TSD High Speed Cutting Inserts for Energy Industry

Superb Cutting and Rapid Chip Clearance

Cutting of large workpieces for the energy industry is challenging and requires superb cutting tools to maintain surface finish accuracy throughout extended cutting cycles. These large components require heavy cutting ability along with efficient chip removal throughout the cycle.

Our TSD high speed cutting inserts have a unique fluted design to clear the large volume of chips created during heavy cutting rapidly from the work area. Our uniquely designed cutting edge profile also efficiently resists chipping and maintains cutting efficiency through the cycle to avoid the need for additional machining.

Energy Industry Cutting Tool Production

We manage the quality of our energy industry cutting tools right from the raw material stage, through design, manufacturing and then to quality testing and final inspection. Our strict management systems ensure highly stable product quality and excellent performance from every product we ship.

Excellence in Product Management & Inspection

Chain Headway also uses the latest optical and digital inspection technologies for the inspection of all of our advanced cutting tools. This allows us to inspect a higher percentage of tools per batch than other manufacturers, ensuring we can deliver exceptionally stable tool quality to all of our customers.

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