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Our precision CNC cutting tools and inserts manufactured with Poly-Crystalline Diamond (PCD) excell at the cutting of lightweight materials such as Aluminum, Magnesium and FRP / CFRP due their extreme hardness and resistance to abrasive forces.
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Precision Cutting Tools Innovation

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PCD and Carbide Precision CNC Cutting Tools

We design and manufacture our CNC cutting tools and inserts at our production facility in Taiwan. We have developed a wide range of innovative cutting solutions, let us advise you on the best cutting configuration for your material challenges. Whether you are in Aerospace, Automotive, 3C or any other industry, if you have a cutting challenge, Chain Headway can help you to find the best possible solution.

We have been in the precision CNC cutting tools business since 1991 and have accumulated a wide range of application expertise across a range of industry applications including: Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and many more. Our PCD and solid carbide tools deliver exceptional results. We offer a range of solutions for hard to cut materials such as titanium alloys and CFRP contact us to see how we can help you.

No Compromises

High Efficiency cutting with excellent surface finish and chip removal capability.

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CNC Cutting Tools Manufacturer

Slash Cycle Times

Our high efficiency ID / OD threading and turning tools give your business the competitive edge.

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