TIMTOS 2022 Exhibition - Shrink Fit Tooling

TIMTOS 2022 Exhibition - Hall 2 Booth S0508

TIMTOS 2022 Shrink Fit Tooling

The TIMTOS 2022 TMTS 2022 exhibition is on and will take place in Taipei from 21-26 February. As the previous exhibition was canceled due to Covid, we are especially looking forward to showing our new products to our customers at this year’s show.

TAITRA is organizing the exhibition and has said that they are expecting 950 exhibitors to take part in the exhibition this year. Chain Headway will be at the exhibition as usual and we have many new and exciting product developments to share with visitors.

Shrink Fit Tooling

Heat-shrink tool holders are the standard for high speed and high accuracy machining operations. Chain Headway Shrink fit tool holders have many advantages over traditional holders.

  • Strong, secure and precise tool fitting without moving parts
  • Narrow profile tool holders allow cutting in confined spaces
  • Reduced weight for precise cutting at higher RPM
  • Even grip on tool for reduced runout for precision cutting
  • Reduced stress on tools extends tool life
  • No moving parts to wear or fail in operation

Shrink-fit Tool Holders For High Speed Precision & Rigidity

High Speed Precision

360 degree even clamping forces on the tool for very precise work with runout of less than 3 microns. This means tighter cutting tolerances and higher workpiece precision.


Powerful grip on the tool shank and no moving parts in the tool head make heat shrink tool holders extremely cost effective. Tool holder and tool have longer life because a perfect fit reduces overheating from vibration and imperfect alignment.

Shrink Fit Tooling

Tapered Profile Reduces Tool Changes

The tool head can be made smaller and given a tapered profile because there are no moving parts to clamp the tool in position .
Tools can safely go through smaller gaps, reducing the need to change tools or reorientate parts during manufacture, saving time and money.

Shrink Fit Tooling

Important Features of Heat Shrink Tooling Heaters

Even heating is very important to reduce stress caused by poorly fitting tools. Poorly designed heaters make it difficult to fit and remove tools from the tool holder.
There are important convenience and safety features in our heater design to avoid potentially serious accidents and make tool changing as secure and simple as possible.

The Chain Headway Heat Shrink Tooling Heater

Shrink Fit Tooling

The Chain Headway hot air heater offers controlled and uniform heating as good as an induction heater but with competitive pricing.
We analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the heating options available an as a result we have designed what we believe is the best hot air shrink-fit tool holder heater available to our customers.

Shrink Fit Tooling

The following features are the most significant for workflow and quality control:

Airflow ManagementControlled airflow and multiple apertures supply even heating to the tool holder, reducing thermal stress.
Special air flow for efficient tool cooling reduces stress on heater elements for longer service life.
Ergonomic DesignOperator experience is improved by reliable clamping systems with convenient switch locations and sizes and rotating tool holder mounts on bearings.
Operational SafetyErgonomic design and machine stability reduce the risk of accidents
Cycle TimesThe tool holder is heated more quickly because exhaust apertures scaled to tool size allow less hot air to escape

To learn more about how Chain Headway can meet your heat shrink tooling heater requirements please contact us.