Adjustable Angle Chamfering Cutter

An innovative and cost effective supplementary blade chamfering cutter system that enables one tool to be set to cut at any angle.

The Chain Headway AAC adjustable angle chamfering cutter features a supplementary blade set in our unique and reliable rapid adjustment locking insert. Our innovative design enables the AAC chamfering cutter to cut at any angle between 0.1 and 89.9 degrees by unlocking, rotating, and resetting the supplementary blade (indexable inserts). The triangular blade can be rotated when a fresh edge is required, making it last three times as long as conventional adjustable cutters.

Applications of AAC Chamfering Cutters

  • Inside Chamfering
  • Outside Chamfering
  • Profile Chamfering

Our chamfering cutters are ideal for all non-standard and variable angle chamfering requirements. Our customers find our AAC series of chamfering cutters are ideally suited for inside and outside chamfering and chamfer turning.

The Chain Headway AAC chamfering cutter can be used in milling machines and CNC milling machines. A single tool enables chamfering at any desired angle, infinitely adjustable between 0.1 and 89.9 degrees.

We also manufacture the SSP series of chamfering cutters that are an excellent option for cutting standard angles of 30, 45 or 60 degrees, spotting and carving (45 tool only). These share our innovative chamfering cutter design features that maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Key Features Of AAC Chamfering Cutters

Three Tools In One

The Chain Headway AAC Chamfering Cutter is unique and versatile by design. One blade lasts as long as three conventional blades as it can be rotated to use all sides of the supplementary blade. The AAC can also be used to cut different materials by changing the blade specification. This offers considerable time and cost savings compared to conventional chamfering cutters.

  • Supplementary blades can be used on all three sides
  • Easily cut different materials with the same tool
  • Excellent finish and improved safety features

Supplementary Blades Can be Used on All Three Sides

Our flexible system of cutting inserts and tool types for all our chamfering cutters (both fixed and adjustable) features a three-sided blade. The three sides of the blade are independent, meaning that even if one side has become worn, the working life of the other sides is not affected. This offers three times the lifespan of a conventional tool or a single sided adjustable blade being used for the same purpose.

Easily Cut Different Materials With the Same Tool

The versatility of our supplementary blade AAC chamfering cutters enables significant savings through blade changes as an alternative to purchasing individual tools for each chamfering angle or material. The same tool can be used to cut alloyed steels, stainless steels, cast iron or aluminum simply by fitting supplementary blades designed for the material used.

Excellent finish and improved safety features

The cutting edge of the supplementary blade is sharp, reducing the likelihood of secondary burrs after chamfering. This improves the quality of finish for a better aesthetic result and makes the working environment safer for operators.

The ease and cost-effectiveness of blade resetting for a fresh edge removes the need to refinish and sharpen tools. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of poor quality results and accidents.

Versatile & Easy to Adjust by Design

Our AAC Adjustable Angle Chamfering Cutter has two additional features that put it ahead of all others in its class.

  • Wider Adjustment Range
  • Rapid Adjustment Locking System

Wider Adjustment Range

The Chain Headway AAC Chamfering Cutter can be freely adjusted to any angle between 0.1 and 89.9 degrees. Conventional adjustable cutters are limited to angles between 5 and 85 degrees. With the Chain Headway AAC Chamfering Cutter you can cut the finest chamfers at each end of the scale without limitations.

)Rapid Adjustment Locking System

Conventional adjustable cutters require the removal and adjustment of three screws to change the cutting angle. This takes time, increases the likelihood of errors, and reduces the strength of the blade insert because it has to be milled for the screws to lock into it.

The Chain Headway AAC cutter uses an innovative central adjustment nut in a solid round insert. A supplementary locking clamp secures the blade once it has been set to the desired angle so it can be tightened without losing accuracy. The insert seat is more stable and stronger than conventional insert seats and the blade angle can be set much more rapidly and reliably.

Advantages of AAC Chamfering Cutters

We focus on achieving significant cost and operational savings for our customers by manufacturing single tools that can be used for multiple tasks without compromising on quality. We also optimize our designs to reduce operator time required for adjustments and blade changes.

Our AAC chamfering cutters with replaceable blades have significant advantages over welded fixed angle cutters. They are also more cost-effective than most conventional adjustable cutters, which have only one or two cutting edges on the blade, and our AAC cutters can be adjusted across a wider range of angles than other cutters available on the market today.

Fully Adjustable From 0.1 to 89.9 degrees Unlike conventional adjustable blades, which have limited adjustment ranges, our blades can be adjusted to any angle.
Quality and Convenience Blades are easily replaced when worn, avoiding the regrinding and loss of precision found with welded cutters
Cutting Material Selection Blades with different profiles can be easily fitted to the same tool to enable cutting of any material
Solid Blade Insert The blade is mounted in a solid angle adjustable insert seat, which is extremely strong and reliable.
Simple, Reliable Adjustment System Our innovative adjustment system enables rapid and secure adjustment of chamfering angles for improved workflow
Extended Life All three sides of the blade can be used, extending working life and reducing costs
Enhanced Safety Precision cutting reduces burring and chipping, improving the safety of the working environment

Easy Programming of CNC Machines to Ensure Clearance

It is essential when using adjustable angle cutters in CNC machines to be sure the machine is properly set to ensure clearance and compensate for the offset radius of the program path. After measuring the radius if the path is not automatically calculated by the software, the G41 program code must be used.

The radius of the chamfering cutter is the distance from the center point to the position of the insert, and you can use the attached protractor or other instruments to adjust the angle before measuring. The Chain Headway AAC is easy to set up correctly and we provide G41 program code to compensate for the cutter radius and offset to simplify this process for our customers.

Benefits of In-House Design

Our in-house design experience gives us a deep understanding of the best tool for each specific application, whether it is chamfering, groove cutting, slot cutting, key milling or face finishing. We bring our long experience in tool manufacture to ensure our products perform reliably and consistently.

Our chamfering cutters can be rapidly adjusted and customized for any processing or material requirement. This is a feature that has been refined and continuously improved based on customer experiences and feedback.

Because we manage our designs in-house we are able to rapidly respond to customer requests for modifications for specific tasks and provide in-depth technical advice and support.